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    Model: 2633
    Size: 6/8
    Point: round
    Blade: solingen
    Box: original

    Notes & Photos

    Very hollow grind as advertised.



    Vendor Description

    Please consider an original straight razor of the famous and legendary GONG brand of Solingen >>made in SOLINGEN-Wald at the works of C.Fr. ERN.

    World famous for their premium barber straight razors and shears, scissors, hair clippers, hunting knives and much more. Made of best traditional carbon steel and Full Hollow ground proudly "GERMAN MAKE" as you can see!! 

    This is 6/8" wide blade. Really fantastic ground blade from Pre WW2 production, with a thin cutting and singing edge, perfectly satin polished which you can confirm only when you hold in your hands.

    Perfectly conserved through the years.

    Beautiful shaver and rare from old production approx. 90 years ago!, but never used and comes in its nice original black storage box & wrapping paper.

    Comes with dark brown plastic scales in wooden-similar pattern 

    Always dry razor carefully after use and wipe blade with an oil soaked cloth to avoid rust.

    Satisfaction is guaranteed. Bid with confidence. Beware of worthless fakes and imitations!






    Translated from the German listing:



    On offer is an ancient but unused beautiful Solingen razor, sharp pre-war goods! of the legendary GONG brand made by former C.Fr. Ern from Solingen-Wald. World-famous under "Crown and Sword" or just "Sword" etc. Other world-famous brands were Ern, Ator, Turban, Liliput, Master, Zepp and many more.

    The 6/8 "wide, fantastically beautiful blade is 1/1 hollow and made of normal steel (carbon steel).

    Classic brown-grained plastic shells and a top hollow cut for sound for professionals (cabinet goods) or home users are guaranteed to get their money's worth with these great ERN razors in classic elegance and with a blade polished like velvet! Top craftsmanship from Solingen ... from better times. With beautiful gold-gray etching.

    For collecting - then it is guaranteed to be a piece of jewelery in your collection or for shaving that you will enjoy for years to come; Appropriate use and care assumed.

    Made of carbon steel, so always dab carefully after use and oil lightly, preferably with a cloth soaked in oil.

    The knife has not yet been used and is from old stock. Comes in the original slipcase. The blade is lightly oiled before shipping.





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  • Heljestrand


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    Condition: hair moistened, tip out/root in

    HHT-0 - shave: The hair can be shaved immediately at the holding point. This is strictly spoken not a true HHT, but it does tell us that the edge is capable of shaving. [all other attempts must be made at least half an inch from the holding point]

    HHT-1 - violin : The hair doesn't cut, but it "plays violin" with the edge. This is due to the shingles catching the edge, but it's not sharp enough to penetrate. On a full hollow razor, a faint ringing sound can be heard. On all razors it can be felt with the fingertips that hold the hair.

    HHT-2 - split: When it is dragged across the edge, the edge catches the hair and splits it lengthwise.

    HHT-3 - catch&pop: When it is dragged across the edge a bit, the edge catches the hair and pops it. The severed part will jump away.

    HHT-4 - pop: The hair is popped immediately when it touches the edge. It still jumps away.

    HHT-5 - silent slicer: The hair falls silently as soon as it touches the edge.

    source: http://coticule.be/hanging-hair-test.html

    Scale Patterns

    Coup Choux Club


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