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The Guiding Principle is Family Friendly

This site is by families, for families. "Family friendly" is the litmus test.

If anything you post is suitable for dinner table conversation while you are a guest at a relative's home, then you will never encounter moderation. In practice, there is considerable latitude.  Families argue, some folks use saltier language than others, and so on. We get it.

Volunteer moderators ultimately decide if something is family friendly or not.

Within a private or closed Club the club owner can appoint one or more club members as leader and/or moderator to manage their own club content. Your family may have a higher or lower tolerance for expression and behavior than another club and it will be up to you to manage expectations and behavior within your club. However any content that 'leaks' out from your club will be assessed and managed according to the guidelines as stated here.

No Drama 

Anything resembling drama will be deleted without warning or explanation.

  • Threats of physical, emotional, or social violence
  • Meltdowns, throwdowns, takedowns, breakdowns
  • Argumentum ad hominem —  responding to (or provoking) arguments by attacking a person's character, rather than the content of their arguments

The rightness of your position or the wrongness of someone else's is not relevant. Keep calm and carry on, or flag it and move on.

Spammers Nuked From Orbit

Spammers will be banned instantly, without warning, explanation, follow-up, or appeal. Use the Report link if you see obvious (or subtle) spam or anything  that looks like it's trying to sneak in links for commercial or spammy purposes such as SEO (search engine optimization). 

Reporting Out of Bounds Content

If you feel something absolutely crosses all reasonable bounds of what could be considered family friendly in every conceivable context, flag it using the Report link found beneath nearly all posted content. A moderator will check it out and either remove it, or let it stand. Flagging an item does not guarantee it will be removed. Moderators are not expected to respond to the person who flags content; they may offer constructive advice to those posting content that is heavily reported.

A tip for online happiness: for every bit as hard as you try to avoid offending others, try equally hard to resist being offended. 


To preserve readability there are a very few technical restrictions listed below. Accidental "violations" will simply be deleted or corrected without fuss.

  • No animations in profiles or signatures
  • Avoid distracting formatting that  interferes with our ability to read and comprehend your or others' posts


Owners, leaders, and moderators of Clans or Clubs agree to apply these guidelines to members and participants of Clans or Clubs they administer.

Additional guidelines may be developed and posted as the need arises. 


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