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    Model: 1961
    Size: 13/16
    Point: square
    Blade: Schoeller Bleckmann Phoenix Steel
    Tape: one layer

    Notes & Photos

    Tape: Super 33

    Sold as a "Corvette" but tang does not have that stamp. Still very nice and typical (fantastic) Japanese handling and feel.

    Vendor Description







    Vintage Corvette 1961 Schoeller Bleckmann Phoenix Steel Japanese straight razor w/ Original Box

    Produced in the 1960's, this Corvette 1961 is a work of Japanese metallurgical art. This blade is made out of Austrian Schoeller Bleckmann Phönix (aka Phoenix) high carbon steel which is known for its fine grain and hardness. It takes a lazer sharp edge which shaves closely and comfortably. These kinds of exotic alloys are found in the highest quality Japanese blades of this era including the legendary H. Diamond blades. 

    I cant help but fall in love with the classic straw color scales and hollow grind. Also, this blade has some serious heft to it. That weight feels so nice. The rounded square point is excellent for detailing and quite forgiving. This razor provides a precise and powerful shaving experience. A top class shaver fit for your collection or shaving rotation!

    Measurements: Blade Width: 21.1 mm or ~13/16"



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  • Heljestrand


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    Condition: hair moistened, tip out/root in

    HHT-0 - shave: The hair can be shaved immediately at the holding point. This is strictly spoken not a true HHT, but it does tell us that the edge is capable of shaving. [all other attempts must be made at least half an inch from the holding point]

    HHT-1 - violin : The hair doesn't cut, but it "plays violin" with the edge. This is due to the shingles catching the edge, but it's not sharp enough to penetrate. On a full hollow razor, a faint ringing sound can be heard. On all razors it can be felt with the fingertips that hold the hair.

    HHT-2 - split: When it is dragged across the edge, the edge catches the hair and splits it lengthwise.

    HHT-3 - catch&pop: When it is dragged across the edge a bit, the edge catches the hair and pops it. The severed part will jump away.

    HHT-4 - pop: The hair is popped immediately when it touches the edge. It still jumps away.

    HHT-5 - silent slicer: The hair falls silently as soon as it touches the edge.

    source: http://coticule.be/hanging-hair-test.html

    Scale Patterns

    Coup Choux Club


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