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  • JNAT 01 Shobudani Awasedo + Tenjyou, Mejiro, Tomo

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    "Jnat 1"

    Vendor Description

    Jnat Straight Razor Hone Kit #3 - Shobudani Awasedo, Tomo, 2 Piece Mikawa Nagura Set
    Vintage from the 1960s


    • Shobudani is the quarry - one of the two original Honyama mines in Kyoto Japan.  
    • Mizu Asagi is the color - Grey/Blue/Green-ish
    • Awasedo means 'finishing stone'. 

    This kit is contains the basics for getting started with Jnats, it's is similar to the Kit #1, but it does not include a Koma Nagura. The idea here is to offer a 'budget' set up that gets people into using Nagura with a Jnat to hone razors. 

    While this is a 'starter kit' - the quality level is on-point; I use one of these Shobu stones myself quite often, and these Nagura are from the same source and of the same quality as those I use to hone my own razors.  

    Here we have a lovely very hard Shobut with medium speed and satiny feedback. Honing on this one seems very straight forward. All of my edges from this stone were super smooth and uber-sharp. Water only laps are possible but take some skill. Trace slurry finishes were easy peasy. Nagura progressions went easily enough with some base stone kicking up into the slurry - as expected. 

    Remember - you have to do your part, these stones do not have an 'auto' mode.  

    The bottom is pretty flat and the stone is stable on the bench with out perceptible wobble. The sides and bottom have been sealed all around with multiple layers of Cashew Lacquer. The top is lapped and the edges are chamfered. The 2 piece set of Mikawa Nagura and the matching Tomo are part of the deal so you are ready to go as soon as you open the box. 

    Mikawa Shiro Nagura
    We have Tenjyou, and Mejiro - a 2-piece se of top-notch examples. 
    Very Approximate Specifications. 

    • Awasedo: 6.3 x 2.1 x 0.6" / 500 g
    • Tomo: 31 g
    • Tenjyou: 82 g
    • Mejiro: 96 g







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    Condition: hair moistened, tip out/root in

    HHT-0 - shave: The hair can be shaved immediately at the holding point. This is strictly spoken not a true HHT, but it does tell us that the edge is capable of shaving. [all other attempts must be made at least half an inch from the holding point]

    HHT-1 - violin : The hair doesn't cut, but it "plays violin" with the edge. This is due to the shingles catching the edge, but it's not sharp enough to penetrate. On a full hollow razor, a faint ringing sound can be heard. On all razors it can be felt with the fingertips that hold the hair.

    HHT-2 - split: When it is dragged across the edge, the edge catches the hair and splits it lengthwise.

    HHT-3 - catch&pop: When it is dragged across the edge a bit, the edge catches the hair and pops it. The severed part will jump away.

    HHT-4 - pop: The hair is popped immediately when it touches the edge. It still jumps away.

    HHT-5 - silent slicer: The hair falls silently as soon as it touches the edge.

    source: http://coticule.be/hanging-hair-test.html

    Scale Patterns

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