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    KANOYAMA Kanayama Cordovan #80000 Razor Strop 600mmX65mm Included in a piece of Cordovan, a piece of Suede, a piece of Canvas, and black vinyl case

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    #####the horse hide is natural material, and there is no exactly the same horse hide. Kanoyama strop Co. has experienced hardship to find thick high quality horse hide for last a couple years. when Mr. Naomi want to make thickest Cordovan strop (5mm thickness product like #90000), the original horse hide has to have at least 12mm before the manufacturing processes. The thickness of the Cordovan strop is one of quality indicator, and it is not only one determination of the quality. Mr. Naomi decides the quality of the strop in each models of the strops such as the thickness, the color, the softness, smoothness of the strop, the total quality of the strop, etc.

    I guess the strop quality is decided the total quality of the strop instead of just the thickness of the strop, therefore, the thickness of the Cordovan strop is just one of the factor to determine the number of the strops.######

    The company name is Kanoyama, but it is stamped Kanayama, because they made misspell as "Kanayama" the stamp, and when they wanted correct it, people knows the company as "Kanayama", so it is little too late to change. Therefore, they are using "Kanayama" stamp still.

    The finest Cordovan strop is about 4-5mm thick, and the second piece Suede is about 5mm thick that is lower grit than the finest Cordovan. It can use it before using the finest Cordovan, or we can use it as we need it. The third one is also Canvas strop.

    The three pieces set of #80000 Kanoyama strop is high-end version of Kanoyama strop in the length 600mm. They have just 660mm same quality strops called #90000.



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  • Heljestrand


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    Condition: hair moistened, tip out/root in

    HHT-0 - shave: The hair can be shaved immediately at the holding point. This is strictly spoken not a true HHT, but it does tell us that the edge is capable of shaving. [all other attempts must be made at least half an inch from the holding point]

    HHT-1 - violin : The hair doesn't cut, but it "plays violin" with the edge. This is due to the shingles catching the edge, but it's not sharp enough to penetrate. On a full hollow razor, a faint ringing sound can be heard. On all razors it can be felt with the fingertips that hold the hair.

    HHT-2 - split: When it is dragged across the edge, the edge catches the hair and splits it lengthwise.

    HHT-3 - catch&pop: When it is dragged across the edge a bit, the edge catches the hair and pops it. The severed part will jump away.

    HHT-4 - pop: The hair is popped immediately when it touches the edge. It still jumps away.

    HHT-5 - silent slicer: The hair falls silently as soon as it touches the edge.

    source: http://coticule.be/hanging-hair-test.html

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